MOOo apartments: brand identity

MOOo apartments are newly refurbished luxury flats in a a beautiful heritage building set in the centre of Prague. They are under the Mosaic brand and as part of ongoing work with Mosaic, we were asked to create a brand identity and website. Running with the concept of cows suggested by the owner and GM, we came up with a concept that seemed only fitting to the services they were hoping to offer. “Urban living with a countryside twist” was all about the juxtaposition of the clean new interior architecture in the centre of the city, against the heritage building and country side services. From there we came up with an angular cow head logo, fitting with the clean interiors. The rest of the brand uses a combination of clean simple colours, black, and white, alongside a grass texture invoking the countryside feeling. The website as well follows the same structure.Mooo Branding booklets-02-04Mooo Branding booklets-02-01Mooo Branding booklets-02-05Mooo Branding booklets-02-02Mooo Branding booklets-02-03Mooo Branding booklets-02-06