Kredance is a cultural space, dance studio, and bar in a former factory building in Ceske Budejovice in southern Czech. We were approached by owners to change the space to make it more appealing. Working with a small budget we were able to come up with a concept, and to structure it so that the Kredance owners could implement almost all of the work themselves, thus cutting costs while attaining the best possible design. We’ve cladded the bar with beams, which we personally stained with dirt and sealed with wax to create a vintage effect.  Seating areas were created by combining tables made from euro-pallets and upholstered settees. We’ve also added some high tables, using old doors in place of table tops. Some of the table tops have been painted with chalkboard, allowing the staff to write down a menu directly onto it. We feel Kredance is a great example of what we are capable of on a small budget, with a bit of client involvement. Not only that but its just a great place to be.

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