fusion theme rooms

During the 2013 refurb, we were also asked by fusion to take on some additional rooms somewhere in between the level of the main rooms, and the all out themed rooms. We choose a few themes and ran with them, a couple of which being “Love will tear us apart” (a room designed around the song of the same name by Joy Division) and also 2 rooms based on the Alice in Wonderland story.

love sign IMG_5160_1 IMG_5154_1 IMG_4407_1 IMG_5153_1 IMG_4402_1 IMG_4077_1 IMG_4074_1 IMG_4069_1 IMG_4064_1 IMG_4052_1 IMG_4058_1 IMG_4051_1 IMG_4044_1 IMG_3565_n IMG_3613_n IMG_3156_1 IMG_1619 IMG_3146_1 IMG_1612 _K7A6647