Epopey is a restaurant in the centre of Prague known for it’s mix of international and Czech cuisine. We were asked to design and install a bar and provide some vintage items to decorate the interior. Tinquer’s team decided to use our favourite material for the bar- reclaimed floorboards. The footrest was done using old metal pipes. When it comes to bars, we strongly believe in the importance of lights and always advise our clients to make sure there is enough light on the bottles and the bar itself.  A well lit bar creates an atmosphere that lures customers in and is cosy in the evening.  For this reason we’ve used warm LED stripes underneath the bar top and in every shelf on the wall. As a finishing touch, we’ve installed a series of factory pendants originally from an abandoned welder’s workshop._K7A6472_3_4_K7A6481_2_3_K7A6497_8_9_K7A6475_6_7_K7A6484_5_6