Park Café

There is something magical about a well made cup of coffee. Monika and Jana, two young and enthusiastic sisters from southern Czech, saw a tasty piece of cake with a good cup of coffee the biggest treat imaginable. Having been running a hotel and a golf course, these two are no novices in the hospitality industry. This time, however, they decided to try something different. They approached us with a vision of a comfy coffee house in a residential part of Prague that hardly has any bars or restaurants. They found the perfect spot for their venture: a newly refurbished former transformer station in the middle of a little park.

Our task was to help them make their dream come true and create an interior and a visual identity that is warm and welcoming, yet bright and airy like the space itself, with windows from every side.

Most of the furniture was designed and manufactured by the Tinquer team specifically for this space, but it would not be us if we didn’t sneak in a couple of vintage items for good measure as well. Some techniques we tried for this project were actually a novelty for us too. Such as the idea of “dipping” the chairs in colour only partially. With the help of a masking tape and a series of pastel colours, we either coloured part of the legs or a top of a chair, creating a space that was subtly multi coloured.

One of the biggest challenges was an outside sign that would reflect the interior style. We decided to manufacture it from 100 year old floorboards and have our printers carve out white letters with subtle yellow LED light underneath them. In fact the 100 year old floorboards were used all throughout the interior, alongside the pastel colours.

We are proud to say that a mere one month after opening this café has already been listed amongst Prague’s hotspots. If you happen to be in Prague 9, do pay Park Café a visit. www.parkcafestrizkov.cz