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We’ve noticed that a number of clients require having a certain autonomy when it comes to their interiors. Ok, that sentence may have come across as a bit silly, but let’s not beat around the bush here. Every designer’s dream is a client that goes “I leave everything up to you, you’re the designer, you know best”; after which the client proceeds to give the designer absolute free reign. Whilst there are clients with enough courage to do that (thank you, fusion hotels), they are a minority.

As a designer more often than not you come across clients with their own vision of their home/restaurant/office space/hotel, who seem to envisage you’re there to put their dream on paper and subsequently into reality. It is definitely not your vision of the interior they wish to see, it is their vision, just looking refined.

Instead of feeling disheartened and moaning, like many other designers do: “Well, why don’t you design it yourself then?”, we decided to look at it differently.

A home or your own business is something very personal to most people. They wish that space would reflect their personal taste. As much as the idea behind hiring a designer is you let that designer design your space, most people are reluctant to do it for one simple reason. Trust.

Trust is something you build over time, not something you give out like free vouchers. It is not easy to suddenly trust someone with something as personal as your space. “Does the designer understand what I want, or do they just want to add stuff to their portfolio,” is what goes through the mind of many clients. “Is he gonna design something he likes, or am I gonna like it too?.” On top of that most people love choosing colours and looking at pictures, so they want to get involved. After all, it’s their space we’re talking about.

So, baring in mind the above plus the fact most clients don’t trust a designer when they first meet them (because why should they?), we came up with an idea of doing a specific type of brochure for our clients. Our brochures basically allow the client to get involved as much as he/she wants to.

Let me explain: A Tinquer brochure is a set of guidelines, recommendations, regulations, principals, mood board pictures and colour schemes that have been carefully put together based on the taste and expectations of each given client. Having that brochure in hand, a client can go shopping by themselves, safe in the knowledge the space they are creating isn’t going to look eclectic, provided they adhere to principals outlined specifically for them. Such a brochure is also an excellent first step in any cooperation with Tinquer. Through this a client has the chance to get to know what it’s like to work with us, which ultimately leads to more trust. Trust in letting go and allowing us to design your dream space for you.

Here are some examples of our brochures. Some have lead to a client gaining confidence in their own design skills with our brochure in hand and us on call when needed, some served as a first stepping stone to future cooperations.

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Welcome to our new website

Hi everyone, we’ve  felt that our website needed an update, if only to make the portfolio more easily accessible and organized. In the end, we’ve designed a whole new website and what you’re seeing here is, who would have thought, the result. This particular section, which we titled ‘news’, is going to encompass all sorts of stuff, that others would be tempted to label with the dreaded word “blog.”  A scary word, which in the books of many means a website of 101 pictures of themselves, or a website updated as often as Miley Cyrus’ twitter account, alternatively- both.

We’ve wanted it to be neither.  All we wanted was just a little bit of virtual space to sometimes share what inspired us, hoping it may inspire you too. At other times share the pride of an article about our work being published in a magazine. Or just share whatever we feel might be worth sharing. If you’ll ever feel like it is turning into that dreaded collection of 101 pictures of ourselves from different angels, or if you simply feel  that what we’re sharing we might as well have kept to ourselves, don’t hesitate to let us know. Likewise, we’re not adverse to hearing praise either. Let’s start this by posting…. a picture of ourselves.