2015 refurbishment at fusion hotel prague

In late 2014 we were approached by fusion hotel informing us they would like to refurbish additional rooms. Seeing the their most popular rooms to date were our 2013 designs “fusion love”, “fusion vintage”, and “fusion rock” they asked us to go all out on an additional 5 vintage, and another love themed room. Only just finished the design phase, we have only our visualizations to show at the moment. As you can see from our presentations we offer a very detailed itemization with our designs alongside high resolution visualizations of what the space could look like. For the vintage rooms we continue the theme with in house designed and handcrafted beds using vintage wood, alongside many vintage items refurbished by hand or reupholstered. For the love room we decided to go in a slightly different direction to the previous dark theme. We chose a more middle eastern/ moroccan theme using shades of beige, purple and vintage wood. All of our new rooms with be lighted using custom designed and handmade chandeliers, with vintage wood and old style squirrel cage filament Edison bulbs of which we are one of the first in eastern Europe to be using.

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