2013 refurbishment at fusion hotel prague

The 2013 refurbishment of fusion hotel was done at the same time as the themed rooms, and consisted of 16 rooms. With the idea in mind of a simpler design than the all out theme rooms (love, vintage, rock”) we came up with some simpler designs, as well as a couple with some extra touches. You can see here an example of our handmade pipe shelving desk unit combos, as well as various vintage items combined with new to finish the rooms. As with the theme rooms, some of these also include our custom designed and handmade beds, adorned with a large headboard made from old floorboards.

IMG_3780_npanorama4_nIMG_3765_nIMG_3808_nIMG_3777_nIMG_3827_n IMG_3787_n panorama-5_n IMG_3742_n panorama-3_n IMG_3843_n IMG_3762_n panorama-7_n IMG_3677_N IMG_3678_n panorama-203_n